Baby Moore 2.0

sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-1 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-2 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-3 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-4 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-5 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-6 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-7 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-8 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-9 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-10 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-11 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-12 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-13 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-14 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-15sinclair-and-moore-baby-2-50 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-16 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-17 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-18 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-19 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-20 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-21 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-22 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-23 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-24 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-24b sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-25 sinclair-and-moroe-baby-2-26

Our family is growing! We are expecting our second child at the start of the new year! Just a few days after I told Jamie we should wait a year or two before having another baby, Jamie came out of the bathroom with a delighted smile on her face and a positive pregnancy test in her hand. I instantly became just as delighted… well maybe after asking her if she was sure that the test really read positive and suggesting she take another test. Having Grey in our life has been more amazing than I ever could have hoped for, and I have no doubt that our hearts will continue to expand with the arrival of Baby Moore 2.0.

We haven’t told many people that we are expecting, but Jamie’s expanding waistline is starting to raise a few eyebrows, so we are excited to share with you our secret we have been keeping for 6 months! I’ve noticed that when we share this news, similar questions are asked, so I thought it would be fun to answer them all in one space!

  1. How far along is Jamie? Jamie is currently 24 weeks pregnant! 6 months! Yikes! This baby will be here before we know it!
  2. What is the official due date?  Jamie is due January 12th, 2017.
  3. How old will Grey be? Grey will be exactly 2 years and 12 days old if the baby arrives on the due date.
  4. Are we going to find out the gender? Nope! Just like with Grey, we are not going to find out the gender of our baby until he/or she arrives.
  5. Doesn’t the “planner” in us have to know?  Doesn’t not knowing kill us? Not at all! It’s actually kind of nice to have a surprise to look forward to. For us, finding out early would be like opening a Christmas present early. We love the surprise. It keeps us in suspense!
  6. Do we think we know what the gender will be? We have suspicions it is a girl this time! But, that might just be wishful thinking. I guess time will tell if our parent-ly intuitions are correct or not. Honestly though, we will be thrilled with either a little brother or little sister for Grey. The gender doesn’t matter to us. (Actually… Jamie really wants a girl.)
  7. How is Jamie feeling? This has been a very different pregnancy than the first time around- Jamie was never sick with Grey, but this pregnancy has left her with migraines and quite a bit of nausea at times. She is such a trooper though, and hasn’t skipped a beat! Hardest working woman I know!  So proud of her and always amazed at the strength and grace with which she carries herself!
  8. How is the baby? The baby has a healthy beating heart, ten toes and ten fingers and is already quite active and moving around in Jamie’s belly. We think we might have a wild child on our hands. We give thanks that there have not been any complications so far. Also… the ultrasound technician said the new baby looks pretty cute; so thats cool too.
  9. Have we told Grey about the baby? Yes! He was the first person we told when we found out! He was the safest person to tell since he doesn’t know how to talk! However, if you ask Grey to hug the baby he will hug Jamie’s belly (see photo above).  But really… I don’t think he has any clue what is about to happen. Let’s just say he’s going to need to learn to share more quickly than he is currently learning that life lesson. I think his world is about to get rocked!
  10. How is Steve feeling? Ok… nobody is asking this, but can’t a guy pretend? Ha! I’m feeling really excited, but I’m working hard to transition the business and trying to make sure to make good decisions today that will provide enough money in the bank to pay for another person’s college some day. I’m sure some of my fears from the first time we were expecting will re-surface, but for now I am just excited!
  11. Are we still going to take on weddings? Um…. yes…. Having another baby doesn’t mean we get to retire. It means we have more of an incentive to work harder to provide a good life for our family. We are actually currently expanding our business- more coming about that soon.
  12. Is Jamie’s role in the business changing? Yes. Although Jamie will still be planning weddings, we have hired some additional planners to help carry the weight. Jamie’s role will shift to oversee and support those coordinators, but she isn’t going anywhere and will still be very much involved!
  13. Have we decorated the nursery yet? No! And we aren’t going to until after we meet the baby! We loved putting together Grey’s nursery, but after he was born we realized very quickly it just didn’t seem to fit his personality. So we are going to get to know baby number two first and then put a room together that is befitting. I think we bought everything we didn’t really need the first time around so that is out of our system!
  14. Do we have names picked out? Well that depends on who you ask. I’m pretty set with what I love, but Jamie is still exploring other options while I nightly try to convince her the name I have suggested is pretty AWESOME! We’ll see if she comes around to the idea or not. We’ll share the name we decide together after the baby arrives.
  15. Where is Jamie’s dress from in the photos?  Ok this question is an update from my original post because I have about 30 e-mails already asking where the dress is from. It is a BHLDN exclusive, non maternity, bridesmaid dress designed by Joanna August  called Zola that you can find here! I don’t know anything about Jamie’s makeup so I can’t help you with those questions!

Thanks for sharing in our joy and excitement today as we announce our news! If you have more questions than what I have answered up above, please feel free to ask in the comments below or over on Instagram!

We are so thankful for these images from Matthew Land Studios of our growing little family!


The Chefs get married

If ever there was a week in my life that I could return to, and relive the experience of, it would be the week we spent at Chateau De Redon  celebrating the marriage of our good friends Jamie and Jordan.

Jamie and Jordan are chefs that met at culinary school in NYC. After graduation they moved back to Jamie’s home town of Kirkland and opened Deru Market– a restaurant that cooks seasonally-fresh, locally-sourced, farm to table meals. They pursue excellence, cook really flavorful food and have a passion for loving and serving people well.

When it came time for them to be married, they escaped to the French countryside and invited 34 of their closest family and friends to join them. We spent the week at the chateau experiencing French culture, visiting street markets, exploring castles, farms and caves, laughing and of course… eating way too much food.  All of the festivities culminated at the end of the week with their wedding celebration that we had the honor to design for them.

Jamie and Jordan- Happy First Anniversary  How has it already been a year?! Our little family love you both more than words can express.  It was such an honor to celebrate with you in France, but it’s an even greater joy just to call you friends.  I hope these picture help you to relive that amazing day. Thank you again for letting us be a small part of it.  

Sinclair and Moore France 1 Sinclair and Moore France 2 Sinclair and Moore France 3 Sinclair and Moore France 4 Sinclair and Moore France 5 Sinclair and Moore France 6 Sinclair and Moore France 7 Sinclair and Moore France 8 Sinclair and Moore France 9 Sinclair and Moore France 10 Sinclair and Moore France 11 Sinclair and Moore France 12 Sinclair and Moore France 13 Sinclair and Moore France 14 Sinclair and Moore France 15 Sinclair and Moore France 17 Sinclair and Moore France 16Sinclair and Moore France 18 Sinclair and Moore France 19 Sinclair and Moore France 20 Sinclair and Moore France 23 Sinclair and Moore France 70Sinclair and Moore France 24 Sinclair and Moore France 26 Sinclair and Moore France 27 Sinclair and Moore France 28 Sinclair and Moore France 29 Sinclair and Moore France 30 Sinclair and Moore France 31 Sinclair and Moore France 32 Sinclair and Moore France 33 Sinclair and Moore France 34 Sinclair and Moore France 35 Sinclair and Moore France 36 Sinclair and Moore France 37 Sinclair and Moore France 38 Sinclair and Moore France 39 Sinclair and Moore France 40 Sinclair and Moore France 41 Sinclair and Moore France 42 Sinclair and Moore France 43 Sinclair and Moore France 44 Sinclair and Moore France 45 Sinclair and Moore France 46 Sinclair and Moore France 47 Sinclair and Moore France 48 Sinclair and Moore France 49 Sinclair and Moore France 50 Sinclair and Moore France 51 Sinclair and Moore France 52 Sinclair and Moore France 53 Sinclair and Moore France 54 Sinclair and Moore France 55 Sinclair and Moore France 56 Sinclair and Moore France 57 Sinclair and Moore France 58 Sinclair and Moore France 59 Sinclair and Moore France 60 Sinclair and Moore France 61 Sinclair and Moore France 62 Sinclair and Moore France 63 Sinclair and Moore France 64 Sinclair and Moore France 65 Sinclair and Moore France 66

photos: Ryan Flynn Photography

design/ flowers: Sinclair and Moore

stationery:  LaHappy

cake:  Jamie made her own cake!!  Go get a slice of something similar at Deru Market!


The Wedding Planners’ Gathering

I am passionate about teaching other people how we do what we do. I’ll never forget how lost I felt when I first started this company. Sometimes I would go to floral shops on Fridays to see if they were working on a wedding, hoping to get a look at their designs and how they prepared for a wedding. Looking back, those women probably thought it was so weird I would come by every week pretending to be shopping for flowers.

This week for Wedding Wednesday, we are showing two parts: I’ve collaged images from a real wedding in addition to including some behind the scenes images in our studio during preparation for the wedding. Hopefully this glimpse into studio production will help to show some of you how we work, how we build our centerpieces and how we set up the studio for efficiency. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, and many of the studio images will teach you how we operate behind the scenes.

Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 1 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 2 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 3 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 4 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 5 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 6 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 7 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 8 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 9 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 10 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 11 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 12 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 13 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 14 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 15 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 16 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 17 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 18 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 19 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 20 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 24 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 25 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 26 Every day I receive e-mails from people who have questions and want to learn about the industry. I love that people feel comfortable to ask questions. I try to respond to as many people as I can, but unfortunately there are more questions than I have time to answer. I know not everyone has the resources to attend the spring workshops that we offer, I realized this as I read the stories that many of you sent me when you applied for scholarships.  Everyone should be able to learn their passion and follow their dreams. I have a strong desire to make learning accessible. That is why I am participating in The Wedding Planners’ Gathering.

Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 41 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 28 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 29 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 42The Wedding Planners’ Gathering is an online learning opportunity that makes learning affordable. 10 instructors have collaborated to each make a 1 hour video covering a multitude of topics. My video is teaching how we create our lush and organic centerpieces in a compote bowl, much like the centerpieces I created for this wedding.Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 30 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 31 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 32 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 33 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 34 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 35 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 36 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 37 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 38If you are interested in learning from 10 talented instructors, and see the video of how I arrange centerpieces definitely make sure to stop by and check out The Wedding Planners’ Gathering. There is currently an early bird discount for the next couple of days, and the online course is being offered at only $249! We are hoping this makes learning affordable, and the workshop experience for accessible for people.

Please feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment if you have any questions at all! Looking forward to teaching some of you through this online course!!

Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 39 Sinclair and Moore behind the scenes A 40

wedding images:  Erich McVey

studio images: Matthew Land