Sinclair and Moore At Home

Sinclair & Moore At Home:

A lesson in monobotanical design

I must have flowers always and always. – Claude Monet

The purpose

There is something about peony season that brings so much life to whatever room they fill. I’ve always been fascinated to watch the lifespan of a peony… they arrive very tight and then every day the petals spread into the most beautiful blooms and reveal the most intricate inner structure of the flower. Even as each stem fades and withers away in time… there is so much beauty at every stage of their life. We are excited to be offering our favorite varieties that can be shipped to your door, and our hope is they fill your home with love, joy, peace, life and beauty.

Monobotanical Design

When working with peonies I have always preferred the simplicity of a monobotanical arrangement.  Monobotanical means we’ll be working with just one type of flower and instead of adding anything else to the mix, we’ll be working with a singular bloom variety. I think the simplicity to this approach to design is both striking and calming, and it allows any skill level with flowers to walk away creating something that is beautiful.

Here’s how it works

We have rounded up our four favorite varieties of premium peonies for you to choose from that will be shipped right to your door! In addition to receiving an instructional guide on how to care for your flowers, we have also created a video tutorial that will show you four different ways we created monobotanical arrangements. From the most attainable and easy way to fill a vase to a more involved option of arranging your flowers with a floral frog, we have included lots of tips, tricks and techniques in our video tutorial. You can choose which method of design is best for you!

Who this is for

This hands-on creative learning opportunity was created for:

  • Anyone who wants to create something beautiful for their home
  • People who want to try something new and pursue a new hobby
  • Floral designers who want to invest in a skill-building activity
  • The person looking for a creative way to send flowers to someone they love
  • Anyone who wants to get their hands wrapped around premium flowers that differ from the varieties you find at the grocery store


What you will receive

  • A box of 30 premium peony stems in the color of your choice, delivered directly to your door June 17th through June 19th.
  • An instruction guide with flower care and conditioning instructions emailed directly to you
  • Access to an exclusive online video tutorial on four different ways to arrange your peonies

What you will need to gather (not included)

  • Bucket or small garbage pail to hold your blooms when they arrive
  • Medium sized vase about 12 to 14” tall
  • Garden shears or sharp scissors

If you want to create one of the bowl style arrangements demonstrated in the tutorial you will need the following:

Please note: if you do not have a compote or flower you will still be able to arrange your flowers in a standard flower vase. Whatever you have on hand should work! This activity is meant for all skill levels. 

Important Details

  • Orders can only be placed June 12th – June 14th
  • Informational guide and instructional video will be delivered June 1st
  • Flowers will be delivered by FedEx June 17th – June 19th
  • Each box will contain flowers needed to design a very full arrangement
  • We can only ship to US Residents at this time

Questions? You may want to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Please note: Your beautiful flowers will be lovingly packed and shipped from our floral distributors and handed over to FedEx. There have been recent FedEx delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Peonies ship very well, so we do not expect any issues, but if anything comes up we will address it and make sure you are well taken care of.  Please reach out to us directly at [email protected] with any concerns!

Please note: Your flowers will arrive very tight in bud form. They are shipped this way because large blown open flowers would bruise and shatter during shipping. This also allows you to enjoy the process of watching your peonies gradually open up and fully blossom.

Please note: There may be subtle color differences between exact shades of colors and the specific peony varieties that are shipped from what is seen within the photos on our website. Flower availability changes from week to week due to hot weather, storms, pests and unpredictable flush times. We will use our discretion to send you the best available product the week your order ships.

Please note: Flowers are perishable and are not expected to last forever. Part of the beauty with flowers is enjoying them at every stage. Some varieties of peonies will start out bold in color and then fade into a completely different color. This is normal and and absolutely beautiful process to watch. My favorite stage is when they are big and blown open, but I also know that means shortly after this stage they are likely to shatter and lose their petals or just wilt. We cannot guarantee the life span of individual flowers as there are so many factors that go into how long they will last… from the temperature of your room, proximity to the window or how they were personally handled upon arrival.

Limited quantities available