Found Vintage Rentals

The best part of working on this shoot with Elizabeth Messina was getting to collaborate with Jeni Maus, owner of Found Vintage Rentals.  I don’t think I would have been able to get everything done if she was not there that day.  Not only did she bring the most amazing pieces from her (vast) collection of vintage furniture and props (seriously-check out her collection), but she also worked alongside me that day helping me to wire garlands, wrap bouquets, and style the different sets.  It was like racing against the clock to pump out bouquets and scenes for Messina to shoot, meanwhile trying to think like Messina and intuitively know what she wanted. I think at times we felt like we were always a step behind.  Regardless, we shared a lot of laughs and it truly made the day  and my whole experience so much fun.

Thanks Jeni for helping me feel so calm and confident that day!  So thankful for the opportunity to meet you that day, and I can’t wait until we get to work together again! sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p21 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p22 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p23 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p24 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p25 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p26 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p27 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p28 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p29

My LA shoot with Elizabeth Messina

A year ago today I was in California preparing for a fashion shoot with Elizabeth Messina for The Knot  magazine.  I almost said no when she called me and asked me to be part of this experience.  With less than 10 days to go before the shoot, I knew I would not have time to pre-oder flowers, meaning I would be at the mercy of whatever the LA flower market happened to have. Saying that I was intimidated would be an understatement.  I was worried I would screw up this opportunity with Messina, and honestly, I was downright terrified to navigate the streets of LA- not to mention the aisles of the nation’s largest flower market. Luckily, I have a loving and supportive wife who believes in me and encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone and take a risk.  She didn’t think my concerns were really that big of a deal, and so with her vote of confidence I bought my ticket and headed to LA.

I got to the LA flower market at 3:00 in the morning.  I had visions of the place being packed with eager florists competing for the best product. Yeah… about that… I was the only one there.  I should have slept longer like all the other floral designers who knew better. Not only was I regretting my decision to wake up so early, I quickly started having second thoughts about my decision to come down to California at all, when I looked across the spanning rows of flowers and only saw orange carnations.  It was 2 days before Halloween and it appeared the only product available were flowers I would not even use at my worst enemy’s funeral.  (I don’t really have any enemies just for the record).  I just kept hearing Messina’s voice in my head… “Make it look like spring!!”   Yeah right, Elizabeth. Not going to happen.

After an hour of shopping and finding nothing, I started to panic.  I also started to conjure up what ecxuses I could say to Messina if I just didn’t show up at the shoot the next morning… “oh that shoot was TODAY?… Oh no!  I thought it was tomorrow!!” I decided that likely wouldn’t work.  Other ideas that came to mind like being in a car accident or saying my plane crashed seemed like unbelievable excuses as well.  Dramatic you say?  Part of a designers job description.  I blame it on the early morning and my lack of sleep, but I did start to go a little crazy.

Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw a frilly yellow center that looked like it would belong to a tree peony.  I nearly ran to it. Ok. I did run. But I am glad I did, because that frilly tree peony wasn’t alone.  There was also ranunculus… black eyed anemones… scabiosa… lambs ear… dusty miller… artichokes… herbs.  There was everything I had hoped to find and more.  I nearly purchased that entire section of the market, and regained my confidence that I could pull off the shoot the next day.

These photo shoots always look so dreamy, peaceful and magical. If only people knew what really happens behind the scenes and what goes into making a shoot like this happen.  Despite the unfamiliarity of LA and the obstacles that made me want to fly home to Seattle, I am so thankful for this opportunity, was honored to be part of it, and love looking back on the photos.

Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b1 Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b2 Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b3 Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b4 Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b5 Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b6 Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b8sinclair & moore elizabeth messina b12Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b7Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b11Sinclair & Moore Elizabeth Messina b10sinclair & moore elizabeth messina b13

photography credit:  Elizabeth Messina

props:  Found Rentals 

Who is Sinclair?

Even before I joined the business, Steve and I had a lot of discussion and brainstorming ideas for the future of the business model and name. With the original name Steven Moore Designs solely representing Steve, there came a misunderstanding of my role once I was onboard. I was often referred to as Steve’s assistant or worse… his secretary – ahh! While I love him dearly and of course support him in every way I can, our roles within our company are very different. The name Sinclair & Moore was a joint decision to involve me as co-owner and reflect our business partnership.

Sinclair & Moore branding 1 Sinclair & Moore branding 2

Sinclair & Moore branding 3

One of the most common questions we get asked since we launched Sinclair & Moore as our new name is, ‘who/what is Sinclair?’. The short answer is that it’s me, Jamie. Sinclair is my middle name and a family name that has been passed through generations.

Sinclair & Moore branding 4 Sinclair & Moore branding 5

Sinclair was a name that I used to hate as a kid. I remember taking on my sister’s middle name and introducing myself as ‘Jamie Renée’ for a few years because I thought Sinclair was too weird. That, and I don’t think I fully understood that my middle name would be different than my sister’s. But now that I’m older, I appreciate and love the name I was given.

Sinclair & Moore branding 6

Sinclair & Moore branding 20

Sinclair & Moore branding 7

Sinclair & Moore branding 8

What makes it even cooler is that the name ‘Sinclair’ comes with its own Scottish plaid design and carries the chief proverb “Commit Thy Work To God’, which I think is such a great motto and perspective for Steve and I to have in our business.

Sinclair & Moore branding 9

Sinclair & Moore branding 10

One of our favorite parts of changing the name was rebranding with La Happy. She created a new logo, designed our website and then curated these beautiful branded pieces of stationery and marketing tools. We love how she combined letterpress techniques and foiling to create such high quality stationery. The paper is rich and thick and printing impression is nice and deep. Everything was so well executed. Steve and I wanted to elevate our client experience and investing in these pieces was a big part of that. It’s fun seeing our clients’ response when they receive their tote bag filled with goodies and beautiful planning resources. Thanks Sally for all your hard work, we couldn’t be happier with what you created!

Sinclair & Moore branding 11

Photo credit: Matthew Land Studios